Television magic

Visual storytelling requires skills invisible to the viewer. So I’m learning. For instance, can you tell how many separate ‘shots’ this 39-second piece required (or how many treats my two actors received)? Before going to the Cronkite School, I wouldn’t even have ‘seen’ separate shots. I would have seen one long sequence. Snack-Time from Danny … More Television magic

Hygge’s Machine

Do you remember Tumnus’ home in Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, or the Beavers’ den? Have you sat inside a warm, well-kept and rug-ed log house on an overcast, snowy winter day? Have you read in a carpeted, quiet library with morning sun streaming onto your desk and your cup of tea or coffee? … More Hygge’s Machine

Arizona high school football playoffs: First Round!

The first time this season these two teams met, Phoenix Christian Cougars walked off the field with a 62-0 win over Bisbee High. Matched up for the first round of the playoffs suggested a repeat performance, with Bisbee ranked 15th in the division, pitched against Phoenix Christian, ranked 3rd. After a touchdown and 2-point conversion … More Arizona high school football playoffs: First Round!